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How to Read Kindle eBooks Without a Kindle

by Robert Seth August 25, 2011

The Amazon Kindle is the bestselling eBook reader in the world.  It’s also the bestselling item on  But did you know that you don’t need a Kindle e-reader to read Kindle eBooks? Before I tell you about this, let me explain a few things.  First of all, Kindles can read books in the Kindle, […]

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iPad vs Other e-Readers, the Verdict

by Robert Seth June 5, 2011

In relating all the details of my Apple vs PC series, I almost forgot to tell you all about the result of my e-reader  search.  I actually bought several, and brought them back, as well as tried a few more that I never bought. In the end I decided on the iPad.  This device was […]

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Kindle vs Nook – Do All Books Cost $9.99?

by Robert Seth May 4, 2011

Is there a difference in the cost of books between Kindle and Nook?  Do all books cost around $9.99?  In my search for the perfect e-reader, I decided to answer this question once and for all.  I started by checking a bunch of identical titles on Barnes &,, and  I then verified […]

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Kindle vs. Nook

by Robert Seth May 1, 2011

This Kindle vs. Nook comparison boils down to five main questions that you need to ask yourself before making a purchase. 1. How much money do you want to spend? The Amazon Kindle 3G costs – $139.00 – $379.00 The Barnes & Noble Nook Costs – $149.00 – $199.00 2. How large do you want […]

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