How to Stop a Frozen or Unresponsive Program in Windows

by Robert Seth July 25, 2011

It seems no matter how sophisticated our computers get, we still have to deal with unresponsive or frozen programs.  Last week’s article was about how to do this on a MAC.  Today we’re going to look at how to do it in Windows. Click here to read the MAC version of this article. Unfortunately, this […]

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How to Stop or Force Quit an Unresponsive Program on Your Mac

by Robert Seth July 21, 2011

(Click here to read the Windows version of this article) No matter how sophisticated our computers get, the problem of programs becoming unresponsive is still with us. In mild cases, a program will just “hang” for a while.  If given enough time, it may become responsive again.  In more serious cases, the program just stops […]

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How to Add or Remove Plugins From Your WordPress Website

by Robert Seth July 19, 2011

If you’re new to WordPress, or even if you’re not, knowing about plug-ins is a must.  WordPress is an amazingly powerful and simple platform.  It can make you a web pro in no time even without installing any extra plugins.  But to really shine and get your WordPress site performing at its best, you’ll eventually […]

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How to Add Videos, Photos, and Images to Your WordPress Website

by Robert Seth July 14, 2011

Blogging with just written content can be very engaging to your readers and a great way to keep the conversation going.  There’s nothing like photos or video, though, to really bring the conversation to a new level.  Here’s how you put photos and videos on your WordPress Website. This article will also be applicable to […]

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How to Clean the Dust from the Inside of Your MacBook

by Robert Seth July 11, 2011

Your MacBook laptop needs the dust cleaned out periodically to keep it in top working order.  Here’s how to do it yourself and save some time and money! Your MacBook laptop is much more sensitive to dust accumulation than a desktop.  This is because desktops have more room and larger fans to dissipate the heat. […]

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A Step-By-Step Action Plan For Writing an eBook

by Robert Seth July 7, 2011
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When writing an eBook, or anything else, it helps to have an actionable checklist to keep you on track. Recently, after finishing my eBook about how to create an eBook, I received some interesting feedback.  Let me explain.  This whole process started a few months ago when I decided to write an eBook to help […]

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How to Fix or Tune up a CD or DVD Drive and Maintain it in Top Condition

by Robert Seth July 5, 2011

CD and DVD drives are high precision devices that need occasional maintenance to stay in top shape.  In this article we talk about how they work and what to do to keep yours at its best. Have you ever slipped a CD or DVD into your computer or DVR drive only to get lots of […]

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How to Record Sound on Your Computer Without Special Software

by Robert Seth June 27, 2011

Voice recording on your PC or Mac can be done easily and without any additional software.  Both platforms come with built in applications that you can use for this purpose. Of course, as with any software (especially on the Windows side), if you want lots of features and functionality you have to buy something made […]

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How to Remove a Program Correctly and Completely

by Robert Seth June 23, 2011

While it seems like a perfectly simple thing, removing a program from your computer can get kind of complicated.  Especially if it’s not done correctly.  So this is one of those things you should try to get comfortable with because it can become necessary more often than you might think. New computers, especially Windows systems, […]

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How to Do a Screen Capture Without Special Software

by Robert Seth June 20, 2011

Have you ever needed to share exactly what’s on your computer screen but had no idea how to do it? There are many situations where this is either required or desirable.  Sometimes what’s on your screen is just so cool that you can’t wait to share it with someone. Other times, you need to show […]

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