June 2011

How to Record Sound on Your Computer Without Special Software

by Robert Seth June 27, 2011

Voice recording on your PC or Mac can be done easily and without any additional software.  Both platforms come with built in applications that you can use for this purpose. Of course, as with any software (especially on the Windows side), if you want lots of features and functionality you have to buy something made […]

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How to Remove a Program Correctly and Completely

by Robert Seth June 23, 2011

While it seems like a perfectly simple thing, removing a program from your computer can get kind of complicated.  Especially if it’s not done correctly.  So this is one of those things you should try to get comfortable with because it can become necessary more often than you might think. New computers, especially Windows systems, […]

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How to Do a Screen Capture Without Special Software

by Robert Seth June 20, 2011

Have you ever needed to share exactly what’s on your computer screen but had no idea how to do it? There are many situations where this is either required or desirable.  Sometimes what’s on your screen is just so cool that you can’t wait to share it with someone. Other times, you need to show […]

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Importance of Credibility in Surviving an IRS Audit

by Robert Seth June 16, 2011

It’s an amazing thing how many Americans live in fear of an IRS audit.  We battle foes at home and abroad with tremendous bravery and dedication.  We go to war to defend ideals and freedom.  We are even willing to give our lives to right the injustices of dictators half way around the world.  Yet […]

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How Much to Save for Taxes in Your New Business

by Robert Seth June 15, 2011

Are you trying to figure out some of the tax issues of your new online or home business?  If so, you are a wise business owner. Failure to save for and pay taxes is one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail. Taxes are behind so many small business failures because of the difficulty in […]

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Google Chrome or Firefox – Which is Better?

by Robert Seth June 9, 2011

Recently during a pretty technical conversation, I was asked why I was not using Google Chrome for my browser. I have long been a die-hard Firefox fan and have seen no reason to switch as yet. However, I had no specific reasons not to switch either. So I thought I’d find something more substantial to […]

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iPad vs Other e-Readers, the Verdict

by Robert Seth June 5, 2011

In relating all the details of my Apple vs PC series, I almost forgot to tell you all about the result of my e-reader  search.  I actually bought several, and brought them back, as well as tried a few more that I never bought. In the end I decided on the iPad.  This device was […]

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